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Shooting victim's sister speaks out on gunfire

Patricia Luke, Sister Patricia Luke, Sister

At least six bullets riddled an Albany woman's home this morning.

Homeowner Carolyn Luke says she is depressed and is fearful for the safety of kids living in the area after her home was targeted by gunfire. Her sister, Patricia, is speaking out and wants justice for her family.  

Bullets riddled this home in the 2000 block of South Madison Street before 2:30 this morning. Carolyn Luke was sleeping in this bedroom when a bullet entered through this front window in her daughter's bedroom before piercing this mirror. These shirts in her closet stopped the bullet from entering into her bedroom next door, where she was sleeping with her two grandchildren.

"I'm very upset about it because my mother stays right next door and she's sickly and I'm very upset because it was kids in the house," said Patricia Luke.  

Another bullet entered into her Godson's bedroom while he was sleeping before piercing the bathroom wall. A bullet also entered through the front door striking this fish tank. The ages of the children inside ranged from 4 to 10 years old. Patricia Luke lost her son to gunfire two years ago and wants to prevent it from happening again.  

"I'm actually asking for justice before I bury another family member, possibly a small child," said Luke.    

Luke says her daughter's friend told police she saw a four door Gray Honda parked at this stop sign when the shooting occurred. She said she saw four boys in the car.  

"I wish they'd leave these two apartments right here alone because it's no one in here to go out to create  a problem for them to come shoot up this house," said Luke.  

Luke has this request for police.  

" I'm asking the police officer, the gang task, detective whoever case this gone be to really try hard, to give my family some justice because I feel like when it come down to my family we don't get no justice," said Luke.  

No one was hurt. Luke believes at least $600 worth of damage was done to her home.   Patricia Luke wants those who are involved to come forward and believes they should be charged with attempted murder.

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