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Father and daughter attend college together


A unique father-daughter bond on the campus of ABAC in Tifton.   Marion Adkison and his daughter are attending college together.

ABAC student Lacey Adkison of Turner County practices her nursing skills while joking with her dad.

They spend a lot of time together, especially since they attend the same college.

"She said well daddy you've always talked about going back to school, now its time. You can go back with me," says Marion Adkison, student at ABAC.     

They've even had some classes together, and share some funny memories from those.

"All of our classes he has a habit of raising his hand and saying I have something to say. I would hit him in the back and say shhh...its not time to talk right now," says daughter Lacey Adkinson.

Lacey Adkison says she was able to help him with some stuff, and he helped her with things like history.

"Of course history I had to help her a little bit, she wasn't born yet when some of the stuff in history was happening," says Marion Adkison.   

He says his daughter was his inspiration and doesn't let him slack off.

"I told him when we first started, I was like daddy, your on your own now. I got my own stuff to do with classes, I don't know that I can get two degrees here, and he did, he stepped up and took his own," says his daughter Lacey Adkison.

Marion Adkison says school has changed a lot since the 80s but wants to show he's capable of doing the work just like any other student

"You know this was my job while I was here, that I was gonna excel at it. I was gonna show them that old folks could learn too..so I've done well and my teachers have been so good," he says.

He has about a year of schooling left. Marion's daughter Lacey will graduate this spring.

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