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Douglas issuing citations for curbside garbage

James Dennis, Mayor James Dennis, Mayor
Larry Moore Larry Moore

The City of Douglas is cracking down on people who leave trash andgarbage on the curb.

To improve thequality of life in the city of Douglas, they've revised their sanitationordinance. People will need to pay more attention how they dispose of theirgarbage.

Larry Moore sorts through this pile of trash in his front yard.He's had this couch and other items sitting on the curb for almost twoweeks.

"I was wondering why they wouldn't pick it up," saidLarry Moore.

Moore was told by code enforcement officers to clean it up or he'dbe fined by the city of Douglas.

"I just moved back here so I really didn't know about thetrash and the piles not supposed to mixed in together," said Larry Moore.

Starting, April 1, Douglas will start issuing citations for peoplewho violate sanitation ordinances and the Animal and Fowl Ordinance.

"They were leaving their trash container out there andputting stuff beside it. Animals would get into it and the wind would blow it,so it was creating a huge sanitation problem," said Mayor James Dennis.

The city originally put a sanitation plan in place in 2012. Butthe mayor says the trash is becoming a serious problem.

"We encourage everybody to follow the ordinances and to keepyour garbage can off the road  or putanything beside the road that will contaminate the waste water," saidMayor James Dennis.

This toilet and container was found sitting on the curb outsidethis home. If it's not removed by April 1, the first offense will be 25 dollarsand it could go up.

Larry Moore says he is going to take care of his curbside garbage.

"Seems like I'm going to get down here and separate thetrash. Maybe my yard will be clean, so I won't get a ticket," said Moore.

The mayor says hopefully people will adhere to the new violationsto help keep the city clean.

The penalty for the leaving garbage and/or recycling cart atcurbside outside of allowable time: first offense $25.00, second offense$75.00.

The fines for improper storage location of city providedreceptacle will be first offense $25.00; second offense $75.00.

Anyone who contaminates the waste stream including garbagecontainers, recycling containers, yard debris and dumpster's will be fined $50first offense; $100 second offense.

The current penalties for violating the Animal and Fowl Ordinanceare as follows: first offense - $295.00 fine, second offense - $495.00 fine,third offense - $695.00, fourth offense and further offenses will be determinedby the court and could include fines plus imprisonment for up to one month.

For more information, please call the Community Development officeat 912-389-3492 or City Manager's office at 912-389-3401. For a full listing ofCity of Douglas ordinances, please visit

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