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ASU offers traffic stop training

Officer Anita Allen Officer Anita Allen

Traffic stops are among the biggest dangers law officers face. Officers got potentially life-saving training Tuesday at Albany State University.  

Law officers never know who or what they'll face when they make a traffic stop.      

"Calm down now, calm down.  I pulled you over because you did not have your seat belt on," Officer Lolita Clyde-Stubbs said to the driver.  

"Seat belt?"  

"That's it, seat belt. Just calm down for me.  Have you got your license and registration?   Keep your hands out of your pockets for me.  Can you keep you hand out of your pocket?"  

That's why they have to be ready for anything. "We have to train to have that mindset. Because you may have some what if situations.  You may have a felony stop.  You never know what you are going to run into," ASU  Police Lt. Anita Allen said.  

 "Who says I got to wear a seat belt?" said a training officer.  

"It's Georgia law, sir.  Put your hand back on the steering wheel," said Officer Bryant Warren says.    "

I don't see no Georgia law say I got to wear a seat belt," said the belligerent 'citizen.'

"You got your driver's license on you?"

"Yea, I got my driver's license on me!"

"Let me see it."

"We want them to be safe when they approach a vehicle.  But also we're teaching the same professional tactics where they make contact with the car or contact with the person, be professional," Officer Stubbs said.

"You got any weapons or anything I need to be concerned about?"

"I ain't got nothing," said the driver.

 "You sure?  OK, you mind if I just do a pat down on you?" Stubbs said.

The Albany State University police make traffic stops on roads that run through both their campus and Albany Technical College's campus, and they often face drivers who can be difficult or upset.

And knowing what to do can save the officer's life.


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