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Still no sign of mom after toddler found darting into traffic


Authorities are trying to locate a toddler's mother after the child was found wandering through traffic Tuesday morning.

Kansas City police were called at 10:56 a.m. Tuesday to St. John and White avenues after the boy was found darting through cars.

That little boy, who one neighbor refers to as AJ, is in protective custody because authorities have been unable to find his mother for hours.

As of Wednesday morning, the mother has not been found, police said. Authorities want to question the mother. 

Meredith Tolls, a neighbor who sat with the boy in the back seat of a police car Tuesday morning, said workers for a utility contractor found the child and said he was chasing after his dog. 

Drew Shippy noticed the boy.

"He was running with a dog and about ready to go out towards this busy street," the construction worker said.

He managed to scoop up the boy before anything bad happened.

He waited with the boy for about 20 minutes until Tolls arrived and directed them to the boy's home. When no one answered repeated knocks, the police were called.

"I asked him if his mom was home and he said, 'No, she left,'" Shippy said.

Police said he had wandered about half a block. Officers have been unable to find the child's mother or anyone who might have been tasked with watching the child.

Tolls said AJ often played with her great-nephew, and she doesn't believe he was left home alone.

"It scares me, because anybody could have kidnapped him. He could have gotten hit by a car," she said."She's a good mom. I really don't know what happened. She really is a good mom, and she watches him."

The boy is able to talk. He told officers he's 2 but held up three fingers when asked his age.

KCTV5's Bonyen Lee said a crime scene van arrived about 12:15 p.m.

A teddy bear and toys were given to the boy, who was taken by social workers and police officers to the East Patrol substation where they hope to reunite him with his mother. Police are not releasing a photo of the boy or his name at this time.

Authorities believe they know the mother's name but have been unable to locate her.

The babysitter the mom reportedly left her son with did come back to house, but he didn't answer the door when KCTV5 News knocked.

The boy is in good condition and was dressed appropriately, police said.

KCTV5's Dave Jordan contributed to this report.

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