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Zero tolerance for prison workers in Decatur Co.


Following the arrest of a worker one south Georgia prison is working to make sure employees stay focused on their jobs and don't get involved in inappropriate relationships with prisoners.

To work behind Decatur County Prison it takes discipline.

"You lower your guards to these people and you start listening to their problems instead of focusing on what you're here to do," said warden Elijah McCoy.

That's why employees are made aware of the prison's strict policies with zero tolerance for violators.

"Every single lady that comes in, every single employee, they sign, a work agreement form, the form states what you can and cannot do," McCoy.

While we often hear about corrections officers who get in trouble for providing contraband or having relations with inmates, warden Elijah McCoy says he's only seen it twice in more than 20 years here. The second time was this month when 29 year old prison dietician Latoya Biggles was arrested.

Biggles is accused of having sex with multiple inmates.

"We put some hidden cameras inside the dry storage area, and my assistant identified her as kissing the guy, then having consensual sex with him," said McCoy.

Former law enforcement officer turned counselor Teresa Johnson knows the game all too well.

"What happens over time is that inmate analyzes, he observes, he knows what to say because they're master manipulators most of them are," Johnson.

The warden says it's best to play by the rules, instead of running the risk of getting caught.

"They've got all kind of games they'll try to play on you, but you have to stay within the policy, if you stay within the policy, they can play all the games they want," said McCoy.

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