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Basketball court coming to Sycamore

Wayne Woodruff Wayne Woodruff
Odie McNair Odie McNair

The City of Sycamore will soon have a safe place for kids to playhoops.

The city council voted to build a basketball court to gives kidssomething to do and keep them from playing ball in the street.

Opponents worry the newgathering place will lead to crime.

The court will be onNorth Railroad... And it will be surrounded by an 8-foot fence.

"I want to tryto get them out of the road for safety concerns because I scared one of themget hit by a car. We have a lot of heavy traffic," said Mayor Woodruff.

"The more Ilearn about it, the more I'm in favor. I kind of go along with the mayor onthis deal that it may save someone's life down the road," said Odie McNair.

The mayor says the basketball court will be paid for withdonations and not taxpayers money.

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