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Allergy season has arrived


if you've been outside at all lately, you know pollen season is here, and that means allergy season for many of you.    

 Cars are covered in pollen, and lots of folks are sniffling and sneezing.   The owner of the Medicine Man's Corner says this could be one of the worst seasons ever.     

Charlie Rouse says using a saline solution mist will keep your nose washed out and decrease symptoms.    

"And use it as often as you want because it's drug free. You can use it every hour if you need to. So the more you flush the pollen out the less chance the pollen has of irritating it," said Rouse.

Rouse says herbal medicine can help prevent the root cause of allergies, while over the counter medicine helps with just the symptoms.     

He also recommends wearing a mask if you have to mow your grass or spend a lot of time outside.


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