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Tifton man shot dead Sunday night


 The search is on for home invaders who shot and killed a man in his home Sunday night.  Relatives say two masked men forced their way in.

The Downs family was at home when Sylvester Downs was shot and killed. And they saw the whole thing happen in front of their eyes.        

The crime tape was taken down from around this home on 704 east 6th street in Tifton Monday.  Family members told Tifton police they were playing cards when one man knocked on the front door armed with a gun and another came to the back door with a bag.   

"He told us to put our hands up behind our back," said Montrell Downs, grandson.   Once the robbers got inside the home, the family says the men started to yell.  

"He was telling everybody to give him the money and then my granddaddy came around the corner,"  

A fight broke out between Sylvester Downs and one of the robbers in the hallway. His granddaughter says she was face to face with the shooter.    

"He looked at me and said "you come here," and that when I sat down and he was like 'duck, duck!" I was ducking and that's when I turned around and saw my granddaddy. That's when he turned around and shot my granddaddy."  

The family says Downs was shot in the arm and the bullet went through his body. After he was shot, the men ran from the home. All the family wants now is justice.  

"Whoever did this I hope y'all pay for what y'all did cause y'all really hurt our family. That was my daddy. Y'all shouldn't much did that."

Family members didn't get a good look at the men. They say the men were dressed in all black with gloves and ski masks.  

Tifton Police detectives were busy working on the case today and did not have time to talk to us.  They haven't released any information about possible suspects.


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