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Youth get "Airborne" experience

14-year-old Victoria Peterson (Pink Shirt) 14-year-old Victoria Peterson (Pink Shirt)
8-year-old Jayden Shobe 8-year-old Jayden Shobe
David Tawzer- Albany Civil Air Patrol Cadet David Tawzer- Albany Civil Air Patrol Cadet
Greg Frich- Deputy Commander for Cadets of Georgia Squadron 002 Civil Air Patrol Greg Frich- Deputy Commander for Cadets of Georgia Squadron 002 Civil Air Patrol

Some South Georgia students took to the skies today thanks to an organization aimed at getting youth interested in aviation.  

Up, up and away.. more than 60 young people went airborne at Albany's Southwest Regional Airport. It's all part of the Young Eagles Rally, hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 354.    

"We are teaching youngsters to love aviation, we're going to train America's next generation of pilots today," said Greg Frich.  

They got to see quite a view from up above.  

"It's about a twenty minute flight, they're going to go from here to Lake Chehaw, and then they're going to take a right turn and head on East to see the Marine Corps Logistics Base and then circle on back," said Frich.  

These students enjoyed the experience.  

"It was good, I was nervous at first but then it was better when I got on the plane," said 14-year-old Victoria Peterson.  

"My favorite part was when we went high, really high," said 8-year-old Jayden Shobe.  

The Albany Civil Air Patrol Squadron cadets were on the ground assisting with patrols. They say participating in events like this teaches them leadership.  

"Flying is one of the greatest things you can do it's so unique in its ability to invoke joy," said Cadet David Tawzer.  

The cadets showed me part of their first aid training by carrying me on this litter.  

"We showed you how we would take a patient who needed evacuation, get them on a safe transport, a litter, pick them up without injuring any of the cadets, without injuring the patient and transport them out of the crash site and into a safe area," said Frich.  

The event is free, and Frich hopes to make it a semi-annual event in the near future. For more information about the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Albany Civil Air Patrol Squadron  you can contact Greg Frich at 229-886-8221.

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