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Police: Larger counterfeit bills found in South Georgia

Chief John Hendley, Abbeville Police Department Chief John Hendley, Abbeville Police Department

Investigators are issuinga warning businesses to watch out for phony money. Counterfeit bills areshowing up in several South Georgia counties, but there are ways to detectthem.

Abbeville police said smallerdenominations of fake bills were found last month...but the forgers are nowusing larger bills for the first time. The two $50 bills on the Abbeville PoliceChief's desk may look real, but police said they're actually worthless. 

"It's easily printable, from whatI've been told, on a regular computer if you know what you're doing," saidChief John Hendley, Abbeville Police Department. 

Investigators said a man used one ofthe phony bills at the Family Dollar Store on East Main Street in Abbeville onMarch 9th. A women went into the same store the nextday and used another forged bill with the same serial number.

"They went in and boughta smaller amount of stuff like $5 worth and they got $45 back in change,"said Hendley.

The chief believes thelarger bills are being made in somewhere in Wilcox County.  But there may be connections to phony 5 and10 dollar bills used last month in the Dollar General and other businesses inAbbeville. "On the $10 bills, we've got the name of a male suspect andfemale suspect.  We hadn't had a chanceto catch them yet, they're sort of staying on the run," he said.

Phony money is alsoshowing up in Fitzgerald and Douglas, grabbing the attention of the Ben Hilland Coffee County Sheriff's Offices. Investigators believe it could be coming from Douglas.

Investigators say somefake bills like are easier to spot, but others could slip by if you're notlooking for specific signs.

"Counterfeit bills,you can sort of feel them and they're light compared to the real thing,"Chief Hendley said. The bills don't have watermarks, and detection ink used onthe bills turned brown, signaling fake money. 

Officers hope to reach thesource of the forged bills soon. The Chief said 1 fake 5, two fake 10s, and twofake 50 dollar bills have been discovered in Abbeville so far. He saidbusinesses should carefully check all cash, and notify officers right away ifthey discover a fake bill.  


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