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Adel Police prepare for gunfire with simulation training


Police are put into dangerous situations every day, facing sometimes deadly decisions.

Adel officers were put to the test Thursday, stepping into real life scenarios where they are forced to decide when to grab their gun and pull the trigger.

Nothing can fully prepare police for this type of situation, but the Adel officers are working to be as prepared as they can be before a crisis can strike.

This is they're second year Inside the VirTra Systems room at Moultrie Tech. It's a virtual simulation set up with 200 high tension situations, from an active school shooter to a routine traffic stop gone wrong.

One officer goes in at a time, the others looking on to learn. They're given a gun with a laser and the action begins. During the simulation, the intensity of the situation can be adjusted based on what the officer does and says. Pressure mounts from the sound and life size images and shots are fired.

"Heaven forbid they never have to use that type of force," said Sgt. Daniel Lindsay, Moultrie Police. "But in that case, this gives them a more realistic training scenario to follow up on, versus live fire exercises on a paper target at the range."

The scenario is then replayed for each officer, showing where every shot is made.

"If the officer chooses to use deadly force in the incident, we're able to then replay the scenario back and specifically show the officer what he or she did and where their shots were placed," said Sgt. Lindsay.

It works to overall test their accuracy, their judgment and how they handle the pressure.

"It's very important," said Sgt. Lindsay. "Every shot the officer fires, especially in a live scenario, they're going to be accountable for it. "

Each scenario is based on real events to better equip our law enforcers in the face of danger.

Moultrie Police run the gun simulation training at Moultrie Tech. They say they're looking for more law enforcement agency's to go through the training.

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