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UGA extension services turn 100 years old

Kurt Childers Kurt Childers
Jake Price Jake Price

Much of the information South Georgia farmers now use when plowing their fields and growing their crops comes from the research done by the University of Georgia Extension Service.

"The extension service is extremely important for us in South Georgia and across the state, especially in agriculture," said Brooks County farmer Kurt Childers.

The extension offices also help bring farmers together to share the latest information on various crops and other products farmers use and produce. Farmers met at the Cook County Extension Office Wednesday to talk about soy beans.

"Everybody's gonna have to eat; food's gonna have to continue to be grown. And, there's an increasing population," Lowndes County Ag. Agent Jake Price pointed out. "So, we've got to be more efficient with the land that we have and the extension service helps provide some of the research and data to help farmers maximize yields."

Childers says agriculture may not be where it is today without the extension offices.

"I think if we did not have extension services, agriculture would still probably be in the dark ages," Childers said.

Farming has come a long way in the last 100 years, and thanks to the extension offices, an even brighter age of farming lies ahead.

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