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Who is breaking into Thomasville cars?

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Lt. Eric Hampton of TPD Lt. Eric Hampton of TPD

Six cars are broken into in Thomasville, and all of the vehicles were in very close proximity but some cars were targeted, while others were left untouched.  

When police received a call Monday morning about an entering auto incident in Baytree Estates, they had no idea they would stumble upon a string of incidents.  

"As they were out in the area investigating that particular entering auto they began to canvas the area, and found that other vehicles had been entered at other residences" said Lt. Eric Hampton of TPD.

All nearby, and all having one thing in common; each victim says their doors weren't locked. One neighbor that lives just feet away from two of the victims says his dog alerted him of activity in the area, but no matter where he goes, he always locks his doors.  

"I always lock my doors. If I go to the store, I lock them, because you can't ever tell where a thief is at" said Oscar Turner.

A man found paper work from the inside of his vehicle lying wet on the ground. The crooks were clearly in search of something, but didn't find it. It appears they moved one victim was at first unaware that anyone had broken into her vehicle, but that's not all.

"We had one residence on Ivey Place where three vehicles were entered," said Hampton.  Police say that the crooks were in search of anything of value including cash and prescription drugs.

Another neighbor says while he's always sure to lock his doors, he's crediting Pebbles the dog for making sure those crooks didn't make it onto his property.  

"Great back up! She will alert you if somebody is in the area, even walking down the street she will let you know, and it's up to you to take heed," said Oscar Turner.  

Thomasville Police Department is currently teaming up with the sheriff's office to investigate a connection between the recent entering autos and others that have occurred in the county.


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