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Flint river rises, officials warn residents to have a flood plan


The Flint River in Albany is running fast and high after recent heavy rains, and safety officials are reminding everyone to take precautions during National Flood Safety Awareness Week.

Experts say the Flint River is expected to crest near 14 feet Thursday. That's below the flood set flood stage of 26 feet, but Dougherty County EMA Deputy Director Jim Vaught says having precautions can save lives.

"We in Southwest Georgia are no strangers to flooding. We've gotten a lot of experience. That's one of the reasons that we went out and actively solicited an early warning system, like Code Red that will give our citizens an early warning if [a flood] is coming," said Vaught.

He says National Flood Safety Awareness Week is a good time to have a plan in place and make a survival kit.

"The important thing is to be ready ahead of time. After the alert comes out, it's too late. So you should look around your home and there's things that you can do to prepare yourself for it," noted Vaught.

NOAA reports flooding causes more property damage in the United States than any other weather related event.

Insurance agent Sam Shugart says the flood of 1994 destroyed hundreds of homes and brought attention to the importance of flood insurance and who needs it.

"It was amazing how many people [were victims]," recalled Shugart The banks didn't enforce it, mortgage companies didn't enforce having the flood policies, and so there were a lot of losses that were uninsured in '94."

Officials say you can never be too prepared. Check out ways you can be prepared HERE:

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