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Accelerating the gun ownership process


A south Georgia County is working to speed up the process of getting a permit to carry a concealed gun. Grady County will use SPLOST money to invest in a fingerprint scanner.

Becoming a concealed weapon carrier takes steps, but in Grady County the process could become quicker.

"The original process was the citizen would come here first, do the application process which we do here on the computer, they would do that and then when we were finish they would have to go to the police department, which handled the finger printing for us," said probate judge Denise Maddox.

The county's decision to purchase a finger print scanner means the drawn out process will soon be handled in just one stop to probate judge Denise Maddox's office.

"Maybe a little more will apply now that we have everything here," said Maddox.

According to South Georgia Outdoors worker Scott Cumbie having the license speeds the process up, a speedy process combined with the new convenience factor helps everyone out in the long run.

"Having a concealed carry permit which is what they're offering keeps us from having to do a background check on the customer," said Cumbie.

The great thing about making the process quicker is that you walk in with this card, you can't be delayed or denied, you will walk away with the gun of your choice.

Cumbie says gun sales are booming and the new process could help win more customers.

"Time is everyone's enemy these days especially, if they've been shopping a lot of people are impulse buyers, if they have to wait on a back ground check and they can't leave with the gun they could change their mind"

With applications already on track to shatter last year's numbers the new process could very well keep business booming in Grady County.

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