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Stranger saves family after lightning strikes house

Gerald Haynes, Resident Gerald Haynes, Resident

An Albany man says it was a stranger who saved them after lighting hit their house and caught fire.  

A lighting strike caused this huge hole in Gerald Haynes' bedroom. Haynes says he was downstairs on his computer when the lighting hit his home in the 1200 block of W Gordon Avenue.  

"First I thought it was just the lightning and then I started to smell smoke and I walked upstairs and I didn't see anything," said Gerald Haynes.  

Luckily a stranger called 9-1-1 and told Haynes that his home was on fire.  

"Someone stopped in the middle of the road and ran and told me that the side of the house was on fire," said Haynes.  

The fire started in the attic leaving burn marks in his son's room. The attic floor board landed on top of Haynes bed just below the attic.  

"The board it fell actually fell down into the master bedroom," said Haynes.    

Haynes says it took fire crews just a few minutes to put out the flames. Four people were inside at the time. Haynes says he and his family are safe thanks to the random stranger.

 "If it wasn't for someone out there it could of been a lot worse," said Haynes.  

The furniture and toys from his son's bedroom were moved to the living room. Haynes estimates there's about $2,000 worth of damage. He plans to contact his insurance company Monday.

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