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Law enforcement officers set up road blocks in Thomasville

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Lt. Eric Hampton, Thomasville Police Department Lt. Eric Hampton, Thomasville Police Department
Sgt. Bruce Womble, SWTEN Coordinator Sgt. Bruce Womble, SWTEN Coordinator

Law enforcers from around South Georgia are out right now looking for law breakers.      They're working together on road blocks tonight in Thomas County.  It's good timing, because they say drunk driving often increases around St. Patrick's Day.  

The Southwest Traffic Enforcement Network sets up road blocks once a month in one of the 13 counties they cover. They do it to keep the roads safe by getting drivers, who are putting the lives of others in danger, off the streets.  

Law enforcement officers from around Southwest Georgia are conducting road checks in Thomasville tonight, checking licenses and looking for anyone violating the law.  

"We're looking for impaired driving, unbelted adults, child restraints," said Sgt. Bruce Womble.

More than 80 law enforcement officers from the Albany Police Department, Thomasville Police Department and surrounding counties are spread out throughout Thomasville assisting in the road checks. Within the first 15 minutes here at the intersection of Glenwood Drive and Jackson Street officers smelled trouble.  

"Car over here come up and they smelled the drugs in the car and asked for consent and they've got a felony drug case in it at this time," said Womble.    

Officers say if you're caught violating the law the consequence could hit your wallet hard.

"They are written a citation, and they have to appear in court on those citations. There are fines, they're probation. There's community service," said Lt. Eric Hampton.  

As warm weather and  St. Patrick's Day approach, Lt. Hampton says his officers will be out making sure drivers aren't drinking and driving.  

"We want to make sure our streets stay safe, so our officers will be looking for aggressive behaviors from people who are behind the steering wheel of vehicles," said Hampton.  

Sgt. Womble hopes the night continues to have safe drivers on the road.  

"Everything's been good so far, we've had several kids come through and all of them been buckled up, the adults buckled up. Word gets out fast," said Womble.  

The road checks will continue until at least midnight. Sgt. Womble says next month's road check will be in Calhoun County.

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