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Be watchful of wild animals


It seems like we've been hearing about more encounters with wild animals right here in the city lately.

There have been a lot of sightings of wild animals lately.  Animal Control officers say they don't have the resources to handle them.

"We would refer them to DNR or a wildlife removal service that are trained," said Autumn Lowrey APD Animal Control.

The Animal Control Unit only handles domesticated animals and because distemper has been found in foxes lately and wild animals could have rabies, you and your pet should stay far away from wild animals.

"They both have the same symptoms so you don't know which they may have. Detemper is not a threat to humans, but is a threat to domestic pets. Rabies can be fatal," said Autumn Lowrey APD Animal Control.

Gene Beck who owns his own wildlife removal service agrees animals, like this raccoon acting strangely, are not your friends.

"Leave it alone, don't bother it," Gene Beck, Beck Wildlife Removal.

Beck says there are some animals you need to be more cautious of.

"Cats and Foxes in particular are the ones that really go crazy and actually chase you and bite you," Gene Beck, Beck Wildlife Removal.

He says he most cases, the animals come in search of food.

"The reason they are here is because people leave food out at night, feeding their cats and dogs outside," Gene Beck, Beck Wildlife Removal.

Beck also says if you see a wild animal and you stay away from it, most of the time it will keep its distance and leave you alone.

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