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Albany man fed up with crime


Albany Police have investigated 109 thefts from cars just in the last month and half. An Albany man who was the victim of that type of crime says he's fed up with it.     

He wants police to do more to stop it.   Albany Police did just start their Clean Car Campaign to urge you to take valuables out of your vehicle.  They say thefts from parking lots like this are getting worse.  The top stolen items are guns, purses and electronics.  Drew Cherry says he and his family have been the victims at Cleve Cox Landing twice.  

Spending a day at the Cleve Cox Boat Landing should be peaceful, enjoying the sounds of mother nature, but for Drew Cherry, yesterday's trip to the landing was one he could not enjoy.

"I had my tool box stolen off the back of my truck yesterday," said Cherry.  

Just two months earlier his wife's car was broken into while it was parked at the landing.  

"I feel that we should be able to come here and have a good day out on the water and not have to worry about having our car windows being broken out," said Cherry.  

Nothing was taken, but the purse in a car parked next to his wife's was taken. Both incidents happened in broad daylight.  

"It actually makes me feel a sense of being violated," said Cherry.  

Cherry says the landing sits in a wooded secluded area hidden off of Philema Road, making it an easy target for criminals.  

"It would help if we could install some type of security system cameras, what have you and also better patrol of the area," said Cherry.  

He's taken the issue to city commissioners who say they plan to increase patrols in the area. Cherry believes that theft and other crimes can deter visitors from visiting the "Good Life City."

"If somebody feels that you can't come park by this area you're more than likely not going to get the people that you would like to bring to the Albany area," said Cherry.  

Cherry contacted police about both incidents. They are investigating but have not made any arrests. Albany Police say in about half the recent cases lately cars were unlocked.  The other half the thieves broke in.  They say crooks are especially looking for purses outside restaurants, daycares, night clubs and salons.

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