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Colon screenings needed for those 50 and older


We continue our effort to protect you from colon cancer asColorectal Cancer Awareness Month continues.

It's the third most common diagnosed cancer in Georgia and thesecond leading cause of cancer death.

In most cases,colorectal cancer occurs in people 50 and older. That's why 50 is a goodage to get checked.

We talked with somepeople in Albany to see what they know about a colonoscopy and whether theyplan to get one.

"It's like anoutpatient procedure. They do put you to sleep though. It last no more thanthirty minutes to an hour," said Mary Williams.

"I haven't yet.Kinda holding off til I turn 50. But yeah I know they have to come sooner orlater. I turn 50 in November.

A colonoscopycan detect cancer or help prevent it from developing if polyps are found andremoved.

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