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Valdosta job fair aimed at helping veterans

Willie Gosier Willie Gosier
Ralph Haltane Ralph Haltane

Job seekers young and old packed into the Department of Labor building in Valdosta Thursday afternoon.

The primary goal of the job fair was to encourage military veterans looking for a job to come out and meet potential employers.

Veteran Willie Gosier has been consistently looking for a job for six months.

"The hardest part right now is really the opportunity because there's a lot of jobs out here, but there are a lot of people looking for those jobs," Gosier said.

Gosier says being able to speak in person to the people in charge of hiring makes him more confident about landing a job.

"If I can get a chance to talk to somebody, I'm quite sure I can get a job," Gosier stated. "When they put the resume and my application together with my face and my knowledge, then I have a better opportunity. I actually had five very good semi-interviews today."

But the job fair wasn't just for veterans.

Ralph Haltane has had industrial jobs his whole life. He lost his job when the company he worked for closed down a couple of weeks ago. He says finding a job in his field isn't easy.

"There just seems to have been a lack of opportunities. Industry is kind of on the wane in South Georgia right now, so it has been tough to find jobs in that field," Haltane said.

According to the latest numbers, Georgia's unemployment rate is seven point three percent. Both Gosier and Haltane are confident though that they won't be part of that percentage much longer thanks to this job fair.

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