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Georgia lawmakers reach compromise on bill


Georgia lawmakers reach a compromise on a bill to protect south Georgia water resources during times of drought.

The bill would prevent some farmers from taking water out of the streams during times of severe drought.  Actually, the state would pay them to limit their irrigation and not take extra water added to drought-parched streams to prevent wildlife from dying off. 

Doug Wilson with the Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center says augmentation to the rivers is just one of a whole host of things that needs to be looked at.

"Distributors to the Flint do get really low, in any kind of serious drought conditions we seen a lot of, 07, 10, 11, and part of 2012," said Doug Wilson.

House lawmakers approved the plan 164 to 3 Wednesday. The bill now heads to the senate for their approval

Senator Freddie Powell Sims from our area is one of the bill's sponsors.

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