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Bulger's Beat: Devoted Bridgestone employee retiring after 58 years


A Nashville woman who took a job just after graduating high school never left the company and is now retiring after more than 58 years of long-time loyalty.

Bernice Csaszar's career is an American success story. When she started working for Firestone Tires fresh out of high school in Ohio, the environment was a lot like the television show 'Mad Men.' It was a man's world then, but she and society have come a long way since.

"You took shorthand, filed, typed and got their coffee. They didn't get their coffee back then. You had to go to the coffee pot and bring it back to them," Csaszar said.

She now administers the company's $2.5 million trust fund, long after moving to Middle Tennessee when Bridgestone bought Firestone.

"People are coming, making good wishes, complimenting you. You know you don't deserve it, but it's nice that they say it," Csaszar said.

She may be retiring, but she isn't slowing down.

"I'm gonna take a month off, get my house in order. But I don't want to stay home and watch soap operas and TV, no. I don't want to do that," Csaszar said.

It's unlikely the 77-year-old Csaszar will be taking much of a break. She's typically out of bed at 1 a.m., exercises for an hour, gets to work by 4:30 a.m. and exercises another hour there.

"Other people seem to think I'm obsessed or whatever," she said.

Her workout ethic is so impressive, Bridgestone named its company fitness center after Csaszar.

So, for her, retirement doesn't mean the rocking chair. All it means is 'what's next?'

"I just want to do something else," she said.

Whatever is next, Csaszar is sure she'll get involved with something that feels important to her. If agencies out there are looking for a good volunteer, they should track down Csaszar. She would be a great addition.

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