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Albany athlete returns safely from Ukraine

Deerfield-Windsor graduate Andre Young plays for Hoverla Deerfield-Windsor graduate Andre Young plays for Hoverla
Young's father, Colie, says his son feels safe Young's father, Colie, says his son feels safe

A professional basketball player is back home in south Georgia after leaving his team in Ukraine because of the unrest and uncertainty there.       

Andre Young was pursuing his dream of playing basketball at a high level, but he was forced to leave all of that behind and put safety first.     

Young arrived at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport at 11:30 Monday, completing a long journey home from Ukraine. He played for a team based in Western Ukraine where things were calm, but he says there was still an eerie feeling in the air.  

"Obviously there was a little bit of tension because there was conflict in the country, but I mean, the only worry was that something was going to happen over there and we would have to eventually be evacuated immediately," said  Young.

Andre's concerned father, Colie Young, constantly updated his son on the severity of the situation in other parts of the country.   "The word that he was getting was things are not as bad as the media is making it out to be, however, each day I'm looking at the news accounts and it appears to me as though things are escalating every day," said Colie Young.  

Young said his team was affected by unrest elsewhere.   "Some of the games were canceled, kind of pushed back, trying to figure out what was going on in the Country," said Andre.   I asked Andre if it was a difficult decision leaving his starting role as point guard for the Hoverla Basketball Team.  

"For me, no not really, at this point, you know I just wanted to get back to a safe environment back home and see the family," said Andre.  

Colie Young says the feeling of having his son home safe is priceless. "We are absolutely ecstatic that he is home now," he said.  

Andre says he is looking forward to spending time with his dad and most of all eating at I-Hop.  

Andre does not know if he will return to Europe to play ball again, but he was having a stellar season averaging 23 minutes per game, making  34% of his 3-pointers and shooting a perfect 24 for 24 from the free throw line.


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