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Band members equipment stolen


For the six members of Highway 55, these instruments mean everything.

"Man it's our lives, it's what we do everyday, so it's what we live for," said Band members.

They say they enjoy playing all kinds of music.

"We just play whatever music that we love, we all like all genres of music," said Band members.

But some crooks tried to shatter their dreams, and stop these fingers from plucking.

"Back last year, we were getting ready to do a concert, we came in to go load up and our trailer was gone," said Band members.

They got their equipment back that time, but thieves hit them again recently when they were on the road in Texas.

"We went on tour last time and went to our hotel, we were eating dinner and came back outside and our equipment was gone again," said Band members.

Some of the instruments they're playing now are borrowed from other musicians.

"They got all our guitars, Matt bought a brand new amp, hadn't got to play it yet and it was gone, some of Colin's first guitars were taken," said Band members.

These band members say they loss more than money.

"Had some pretty expensive stuff in there, not just money wise, but you got sentimental value," said Band members.

They're thankful for the good Samaritans who offered help.

"Luckily people have loaned us stuff and they helped us out," said Band members.

And now you can the band keep on rocking as well.

Highway 55 will play a concert tomorrow at Merry Acres at 7 PM.  Tickets are $15.  All of the money will help the band replace the stolen equipment.

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