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Meigs City Hall closed to public


The mayor of Meigs has been stripped of much of her power. Some city workers claim she practices voodoo and they say they're afraid of her, the controversy even shut down city hall.

Demonstrators have been holding contained protests outside of Meigs City Hall in support of Mayor Linda Eason Harris.

They can't get in because city manager Marsha Demoga ordered the doors locked to the public.

"It can only be described as chaotic," said city attorney Tommy Coleman.

He says city council members voted to strip the Mayor of much of her power and promote Demoga from city clerk to the new position of city manager.

"It allows them to appoint a city manager and appoint duties to them that would other wise belong to the Mayor, said Coleman.

Some believe the mayor didn't get a shot at leading the city.

"She was voted in by the citizen's of Meigs, and we feel that she deserves that chance, she is the person we wanted," said Meigs citizen Vernetra Johnson.

Some city workers say Mayor Eason-Harris placed black salts on their desks as part of a voodoo ritual.  "The black salts were to ward off evil spirits, I was told that it would take the evil spirits off before we got into office," said Eason-Harris.

She stresses that she is a Christian and just wants to do her job. "I want to take the position that I was elected by the people to do."

The city manager decided to close city hall to the public because workers say they're afraid of the mayor and her supporters but protesters say they'll continue to demonstrate.

"It really just depends on everyone acting like ladies and gentleman, if they can't do that, they'll never solve it," said Coleman.

It's clear the town is divided and needs to find common ground to make progress.

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