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Doublegate EE-ZZ Mart waits to re-open

Shelly Green, Doubltegate EE-ZZ Mart Customer Shelly Green, Doubltegate EE-ZZ Mart Customer
Marilyn Bullington, Store Owner Marilyn Bullington, Store Owner

Marilyn Bullington, owner of the Doublegate EE-ZZ Mart in Leesburg was hoping to be open following an early February fire but that hasn't happened yet.

The February fire started as a contractor doing some welding ignited insulation in the ceiling. Bullington has full replacement under her insurance policy but says the contractor's insurance company isn't making it easy.

"The other company wants everything cleaned and put back in when it can't be," Bullington said. "You can't guarantee that its not going to smell like smoke or taste like smoke."

The stress of reviving the Double Gate EE-ZZ Mart has taken a toll on Bullington and her husband.

"We get home at 8:30, 9 o'clock at night, watch a little tv, we try lay down and go to sleep and at 1 o'clock our eyes pop back open," Bullington said. "We are awake again, thinking about it all over again and what needs to be done. Its been pretty stressful, its really has."
The delay in reopening is an inconvenience for regular customers.

"This was just a quick stop place to stop and grab gas, grab a sandwich, chips, if you needed snacks for your kids, just to run in and get home," said Shelly Green. "It was just a really convenient place to stop."

Bullington says she will continue to fight and insist that everything be replaced

"This is my life, this is my heart and soul right here," she said. "I don't want anybody to think that I am selling them anything that got smoke damage or water damage."

Bullington hopes that she can be up and running in 3 weeks.

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