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Burglars hit Smithville church, then raid pastor's home


Pastor Lance Findley of Smithville Baptist Church says he is slowly recovering after his home was burglarized last week, and in the wake of repeated burglaries at the church itself.

Burglars have targeted Smithville Baptist Church three times last year. Findley has been serving there for 13 years. He says he has replaced several doors that were kicked in.

"There were several times when they would break in and they would just kick open doors," said Findley. "They would mostly just take little stuff, but then twice we have been really cleaned out."

The small church has considered installing surveillance cameras, but just doesn't have the money for it.

Despite the break-ins, the church has continued to serve the community because of the kindness of others.

In one case, costly band equipment was stolen from the church. When church and community members found out, donations poured in from all over the world.

"God's done some incredible stuff through that, because we got robbed, like on a Friday. And by Sunday we were able to lead our worship service as if nothing had happened," recalled Findley.

But he says the burglary of his house last week traumatized his 12-year-old son, who is now scared to stay in his own home.

"I've been broken into so many times I can't count," said Findley. "I don't have anything of my own really anymore. Nothing that's been given to me by people that have passed is with me anymore, its all gone. People have decided they need it more than me."

But he also says he's not planning on going anywhere.

"I'm not gonna run. And that's what we do in America today. It's a first world problem. We just run to another neighborhood or place, when God called us to be here."

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