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Man snatches gun from robber


The wound will soon heal, but the memories of a terrifying night won't fade so quickly.

"It's a testimony that I can go to church and tell everybody that I was able to walk away from this," said victim Ronian Hunter.

Around midnight on Tuesday, Ronian Hunter was on North Blvd, returning from a nearby convenience store, he was at the stop sign near his home on Short Broad St. when the fight of his life took place.

He says a man wearing a ski mask came toward him with a gun and said "give me what you got." When Hunter told him that he didn't have anything, the robber started hitting him with the gun.

"I was just fighting for my life, he had the gun pointed right dead at me, and I was just tired of being hit," the victim managed to grab the gun and run.

"Once we tussled that's when I was able to retrieve the gun from him and then I ran to my house, and that's when he ran to the house, trying to break in to the house," said Hunter.

Hunter is grateful he's okay and hopes his ordeal serves as a warning for others, "it's a wake up call, for me and everybody else, we just need to be more cautious about where we're going and how we go out at night."

It's a message that police officers agree with, "it's always a risk when you're walking at night, specifically in dark areas, if you're going to walk, have someone walk with you," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

Hunter believes a higher power was operating on his behalf, "it was God working because I don't think I would have been here today to tell this story."

The gun was loaded, but the crook didn't get away with anything. Hunter is back to work and his daily routine, only a bit more careful than before.

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