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Citizen's helping police using eyes and ears


Thieves have been busy in Thomasville, but alert neighbors and law enforcement aren't standing for it.

"They realize and they know that they shouldn't be on that property, so they're being good neighbors and good citizens. We need more to call and let us know what their eyes are seeing and their ears are hearing," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

That's exactly what one neighbor did on Isobel street when he heard noise coming from a nearby vacant home. He called police and two juveniles were seen leaving the back door of the home, nothing was taken, a similar incident occurred on Young Street.

Neighbors say this isn't the first burglary to occur in the area, police have made an arrest in the burglary that occurred on Young Street, but others remain unresolved like the burglary that was reported at the South Georgia Surgical Associates office last week.

"Someone went into an office area, pried open some file cabinets and took some money," said Hampton.

On Beth Street crooks got a way with canopy from a homeowners shed, the broken window will cost more to replace than the amount of the item taken. Police say they're seeing younger criminals committing crimes.

"We're seeing incidences where juveniles are going into vacant homes for whatever reason," said Hampton. Something that they plan to put a stop to through the eyes and ears of the community.

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