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Dougherty County man arrested in moonshine still raid


A 51-year old Dougherty County is in jail after a raid of his home uncovers a moonshine still.

Dougherty County Police got a tip that Jesse Willis was selling moonshine.

D-C-P,  Department of Revenue, and Department of Probation officers raided his home on Heder Street Friday afternoon.

They found this still, which was not operating at the time.They also seized a shotgun.

Willis is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of tools in the commission of a crime.

"The tool part is the actual still, that he had it in his possession," said Dougherty County Police Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick.   "The apparatus, I guess you would say. And that's used to distill liquor, which is illegal."

Dougherty County police would like to hear from anyone who might have seen him selling moonshine. Call them at 430-6600.


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