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Large confederate flag near Baconton has people talking


A large confederate flag along U-S 19 near Baconton has people talking.

Some people aren't happy to see it, but others say it's a part of Georgia's history.

Its not uncommon to see confederate flags displayed in the South, but this large flag near Baconton is getting a lot of attention.

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans put it up as part of their Flags Across Georgia Campaign. They say this one is small compared to some others.

"We got them on 520, we have them on I-75, and the ones on I-75 are on a 120 foot pole," says Sons of of Confederate Veterans member Jack Bridwell.

Jack Bridwell, who is also the Colquitt County Museum Director, says they aren't trying to offend anyone.

He says the Confederate flag is just part of the country's history.

"Its just our heritage, we are not trying to get into anyone's face. We are just trying to let people know this is our heritage. This is part of who we were. 620 or 640 thousand people, depending on your source, died during the war between the states and we can't forget that," says Bridwell.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans gets a portion of proceeds from specialty license plates that display the confederate flag.

The new version more prominently displays the Confederate flag, but the tags have been around for more than a decade.

"I've had one since day one. I have had one and my wife has had one for 10 or 12 years."

Other large confederate flags are being displayed cities including Tifton, Augusta and Ringgold, both along major highways in heavily traveled areas.

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