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Apartments increase security after shooting

Brandon Bracy Brandon Bracy
Chris Windows Chris Windows

Last week's shooting at Westwind apartments got managers at other apartment complexes thinking out security. It only took a couple of hours for management at the Gardens and the Gardens, Too apartments to beef up security in the aftermath of the West Wind Apartment shooting.  

Chris Windows, a tenant at The Gardens Too apartments on Whispering Pines is saddened by what happened at Westwind Apartments last Thursday. "I was kind of shocked, it kind of sad that that is what life is now," Windows said.

"As a resident of the city, I mean, it was devastating," said Brandon Bracy. So much so, that the management at the Gardens and the Gardens Too complex beefed up security within hours of the shooting, doubling patrols.

"Me and some of the owners, and other property managers, we decided that we wanted to go ahead and do that, probably about no later than 6:30, 7 o'clock that night, I mean for crying out loud, this is right up the street," said Bracy.

Before there was only one officer to patrol both communities.  Now each property has its own courtesy officer who lives on sight.

"We are working with the Albany Police department, and other agencies to ride through when they are in the area, just to beef up our security system," said Bracy.

"You feel a lot better that you that they actually care enough to increase security around here and that just makes you feel secure," Windows said.

Managers plan to keep the increased measures in place long term.



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