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Albany preps for Marathon

Right, David Weber Marathon runner, Mark Sturwold Marathon runner. Right, David Weber Marathon runner, Mark Sturwold Marathon runner.
Kimberly Decker, Marathon runner Kimberly Decker, Marathon runner
Rashelle Beasley Marathon organizer Rashelle Beasley Marathon organizer

The 2014 Albany Marathon is just a few hours away and organizers and volunteers have been running all over town trying to get everything ready.

"We appreciate them that's why we want to bring out the southern hospitality and make sure that they want to come back year after year," said Rashelle Beasley Marathon organizer.

"We lived here last year and came out and enjoyed the race so much we decided to come out again this year," said Kimberly Decker Marathon runner from Kansas.

This event attracts people from all over the county, like David Weber and Mark Sturwold, who are trying to run a marathon in every state and after tomorrow they will only have 13 states left.

"We couldn't stop with one so we've been traveling to run different marathons in different places and we are trying to do one in every state. So we've been working on the project for about 10 years and we are getting there," said David Weber Marathon runner.

So now they are seeing the country one state at a time.

"We've been to some great places like down here in Albany. We live in Chicago and we've just been in some cool places around the country that we probably would have never have gone to," said Mark Sturwold Marathon runner. 

The weather is on everyone's mind.

"Having this great weather will put us on track to increase the numbers in the coming years," said Beasley.

"Tomorrow's weather is perfect actually I mean you don't get any better weather than that," said Sturwold.

"Significantly warmer here even when it's cold," said Decker.

Beasley said this event would not be this great without the support of the community.

"I want to thank the community and thank all the business owners for being so supportive of this great event,' said Beasley.

The finishing touches will take place Friday night, while the runners try to stay focused on finishing the race.


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