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SOWEGA community members debate Black History Month

Albany native Vincent Troupe Albany native Vincent Troupe
Colonel Donald J. Davis Colonel Donald J. Davis

Today marked the 38th anniversary of Black History Month.

Some Southwest Georgia feel that while it should still be taught in schools, that there might not need to be the need to designate a month specifically for Black History.

"It's a part of black history, its a part of American history," said Albany native Vincent Troupe. "From that standpoint it shouldn't be singled out. We got 12 months out the year, that should be what we do throughout the entire year, it's a part of American history."

"I don't think we can ever forget black history, but I do agree that if we celebrate it every month, our American unity, our togetherness," said Albany MCLB commander Donald Davis. "Oh what a great country that would be."

Friday marked the final day of Black History Month.

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