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Commissioners consider simplifying business licences

John Page John Page
Andy Makda Andy Makda
Ray Parr Ray Parr

"We all pay business licenses. We have to turn in our tax return and they base it upon our receipt. So, could we do something like that for alcohol?," said district five commissioner John Page.

That was commissioner John Page's suggestion for potential change to the county's alcohol license fee.

Currently, establishments pay a fee of $4,800 regardless of how much they make.

Andy Makda owns Rum Runners Karaoke Bar on North Valdosta Road in Lowndes County. He agrees with Commissioner Page's suggestion.

"The fees should be based on the company's sales," said Makda. "If the company does $50 million dollars a year, still pays $4,800 for the county. A company like us, we do, like, hundred thousand, still pay $4,800."

Chairman Bill Slaughter wants to look at the process businesses go through to get their business licenses to make sure it's as efficient as possible.

"We can do a little bit better job if that's necessary." admitted Slaughter. "We can do a little bit more education about the process and look at those and make sure we're making it as smooth as we possibly can."

Makda believes more can be done to simplify the process.

"Application process requires every year that you have to certify that you are a U-S citizen and take it to the notary public," Makda said. "You shouldn't be proving every year that you are U-S citizen. Once you are U-S citizen you don't change it."

Ray Parr manages the Smoke' N Pig and says a simpler process would be good for business.

"If they could make it a one stop shop, it would make it where people could go in there and start settin' up a business. A lot of these newer people startin' out don't know all the steps involved so it would help them out a lot" Parr stated.

This was just an initial conversation. There's no indication if or when any changes might be made.

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