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City and county partnering to make improvements


Thomasville and Thomas County are coming together to improve safety and create a new recreational opportunity.

The dangerous stretch of Pinetree Boulevard is bringing the city and county together.

"Even though it's a county road, our city resident's butt right up to the Boulevard, it's our resident's using that right of way it's important to us," said city manager Steve Sykes.

County leaders agreed to give rights of way along the road,  so the city can build a 10 foot wide biking and walking trail.

"There is no sidewalk over there, so it forces people to walk out in the road, which is a dangerous situation, it's a safety concern that we share and we all agree we need to address it," said Sykes.

The plan is to start the trail where Pinetree Blvd. and Jackson St.  cross and to run it to Providence Plaza Apartments, but the eventual goal is to cover the entire 15 mile radius of the Blvd, and that's not all that the city has in store for residents.

"The city already has a master plan that connects our parks and recreation facility and some of our districts, historical sites, and what we've decided to do is reroute a section of that trail onto Pinetree Blvd.," said city engineer Jerry Pionessa.

Thomas University has buildings on the Blvd, but the president says it's hard to get from point A to point B and he thinks the trail will change that.

"A distance of 1 or 2 miles to get to amenities on a college campus is not unusual, it is just a question of how are they connected, and right now we're only connected by a road," said Dr. Gary Bonvillian.

A change he's looking forward to enjoying with the students, "also I am a rollerblader which I love to do, so you can be certain that I will be using this new trail," said Bonvillian.

The city is covering the cost through SPLOST and once the right of way acquisition is complete the process will move forward

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