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Freezing temperatures threaten plants

Brian Wright, Manager at Mark's Nursery. Brian Wright, Manager at Mark's Nursery.

We had a harsh winter with hard freeze warnings and even some snow. Now we are starting to see the seasons change and freezing temperatures can be bad news for new plant buds.

"The main thing is when we have these warm days they start budding out and left out because they think it's spring time, you have a cold night behind it and it will normally kill off all the new growth that they are about to put out," said Brian Wright, Manager at Mark's Nursery.

Folks at the nursery aren't the only ones concerned about the potential damage to their plants.

"Yes I am, I am worried about the Hydrangeas that have already started to put out new growth. They do have over head coverage from other plants, so, so far so good," said Lynn Marchant gardener

The Marchant family is aware of the danger their plants face overnight and they aren't going to take any chances.

"One thing we discussed, for the plants, we might cover them, but it's just the reward of having the plants and having this beautiful weather it's worth the extra effort to try and save it," said Rod Marchant, gardener.

Wright believes this cold spell will cause damage, but it won't be a total loss.

"Just because you have a night at 29-degrees you know it's not staying at 29-degrees for 24-hours it might be staying 29-degrees for a couple of hours, so that's not as damaging as a day that never goes above freezing," said Wright.

Wright also suggested that you water plants regularly prevent root damage.


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