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Ashburn house shot up as family slept


Ashburn police are searching for two men who shot up a house full if children.     The mother is offering a reward to help catch them.

32-year-old Shikina Wilson said she and her five sons were sleeping, when their house was riddled by six bullets February 19th.           

One of those rounds hit just inches from her 14-year-old's head.   

This quiet home, usually full of the sound of children, "I went through and I checked all my children and made sure that everyone was breathing and they was safe," said Wilson.   Officers say two men fired a revolver at the home around 2:30 in the morning.   

"We know they have absolutely no regard for human life.  There were infants in that residence, there were people inside,"  said Ashburn Police Chief Joe Saxon. One round tore through the couch where a five-year old often sleeps.  

"He get up in the middle of the night and he's on this couch.  Just happened that night he wasn't," said Wilson. Others went into the kitchen. One tore through the living room, into a nearby bedroom and chipped the headboard of a 14 year-old's bed before flying through the window.   

"There is a possibility that there's a gang angle to this, but I don't want to speculate that any further because it may jeopardize what's going on," said Saxon.

Others agree.   "My son, I'm thinking he's in a gang.  I'm thinking it's maybe someone he's been having a confrontation with on a different gang side than he's on may have done it," said Wilson.

Remarkably, no one was hit.  Police are analyzing the bullets and following leads.  

"At this point we don't have a person of interest.  We don't have a suspect per se, but we have been interviewing folks.  We do have interviews set up with some other people," said Saxon.

It's encouraging news for the mother of five who wants the men responsible tracked down before someone gets hurt.  Shikina Wilson is offering a two-thousand-dollar reward for information that could lead to an arrest. 

Anyone who could help identify the men should contact the Ashburn Police Department.


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