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Extra officers to start patrolling VSU campus

VSU students walking around campus VSU students walking around campus
Kristopher Galeano Kristopher Galeano
Emma Willson Emma Willson
Madison Trammell Madison Trammell
Theresa Boyd Theresa Boyd

Students at VSU say they generally feel safe on campus.

"I feel safe most of the time," said freshman Kristopher Galeano.

"I feel safe during the day," said junior Emma Willson.

"During the day I feel safe," said senior Madison Trammell.

Despite this, VSU has contracted with a company called Dynamic Security to hire two unarmed, uniformed officers who will patrol campus on foot full time, compared to the VSU officers who have to split their time between patrolling campus on foot and driving around.

"VSU has looked at different ways, and continues to look at different ways, to improve security and safety on our campus," Said Theresa Boyd, Director of Communications at VSU.

All three students said they look forward to the extra officers, especially at night.

"Once it gets darker, it's always creepy at night time," explained Galeano.

"I live so close off campus that I don't feel very safe at night because I see what goes on most of the time," Willson admitted.

"At night, it's just not very well lit...I leave at five o' clock before it even gets dark and make sure I'm in my car and lock it as soon as I get there," said Trammell.

The two officers will be in place for one year and it will cost the university $40,000. The officers will begin patrolling on March 24th.

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