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Columbus-born comedian Tim Wilson dies

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Stand-up comedian Tim Wilson died on Feb. 26 at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus. According to the coroner, Wilson died when his aorta ruptured during a heart attack.

He was 52 years old.

Wilson was born in Columbus on August 5, 1961. He attended Brookstone High School and then Presbyterian College in South Carolina.

He was best known for his country song parodies. Wilson co-wrote the 1996 single "The Redneck 12 Days of Christmas" with Jeff Foxworthy. He is also known for the song "Garth Brooks Ruined My Life".

Betsy Covington attended Brookstone with Wilson. She says, "At Brookstone, many of us remember that he was the MC forall of the talent shows for all the years around his time at Brookstone.Although we all thought we had great amounts of talent, it was really Tim thatpeople came to see, because he was so hysterically funny, and kept the showmoving, and always said the right things that were just clever."

Nan Pate was one of Wilson's teachers at Brookstone. She says, "He was warm and gregarious and kind, and he dida lot of charity work. He always had a great sense of humor, and he did greatimpersonations of all of us on the faculty."

Wilson was close friends with comedian Ron White.

According to WHAS11, he is survived by a wife and two children.

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