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Thomasville woman fights home intruder


Thomasville police are searching for a young home invader and the homeowner put up a fight.

When two juveniles targeted a home on Webster St. in Thomasville they probably weren't expecting to step into a wrestling ring.

"We started tussling, he threw me against the sink or whatever and when I turned back around I snatched the stuff off of his face, and when he started talking I recognized his voice," said Tiffney Tyler.

The victim Tiffney Tyler says she knows the boy who tried to force his way into her home around 11:30pm wearing dark running pants, a gray hooded jacket, a black ski mask and a green camouflage bandana to cover his face.

The victim's main concern was keeping the intruders close to the door, that way if someone was passing by they could potentially hear the fight that was going on inside, she feared that the farther they moved away from the door there was no telling what the intruders were capable of.

"He pushed me against the stove and he kept telling me to shut up and that he was going to kill me," said Tyler.

After watching the struggle between Tyler and one of the masked men, the other juvenile gave up and left. "He was going to come forward but he saw me fighting with him and turned around and left," said Tyler.

The juveniles didn't get away with anything and police say citizens shouldn't follow Tyler's lead. "Thankfully she was able to defend herself but putting up a fight, isn't something that we recommend," said Lt. Eric Hampton with Thomasville Police Dept. 

The criminal justice major says she doesn't regret protecting herself, "Regardless if I knew him or not, I would have done the same thing because at that point, you've come into my house, said Tyler.

Police caught one suspect but are still searching for the juvenile who fought with Tyler inside of her home.

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