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Police want to help you protect your property with this free survey


In the past 24 hours, eight burglaries at homes and businesses were reported to Albany Police. In response to the high number of crimes each day, the department is restarting its Crime Prevention Unit.

Officers hope to educate the public on how to protect their property, making homes and businesses tougher targets for burglars.

They are offering home protection surveys to give owners suggestions on how to make it a less attractive target.

The survey, which is a free service, gives higher scores for a lack of bushes and trees by windows or doors. Areas of poor lighting lower the score of a property.

"Criminals don't want to be seen. [and when] they don't want to be seen, they hide behind something," said Cpl. Phyllis Walters.

The unit will survey a home or business and check for lighting issues and hiding places. And while most burglars will break-in through windows or doors, officers have some low-cost suggestions.

To make doors tougher to penetrate, replace the lock plates with 2 1/2 or 3 inch screws.

"It's going to slow someone down. It's going to make a lot of noise," said Cpl. Brian Covington, referring to someone that might try to kick open a locked door.

The idea of the Crime Prevention Unit is to help make a home as safe as possible, and one that a burglar will stay away from.

Officials warn homeowners to look for trouble spots, like crawl space entrances, which should be secured tightly.

Walters said a person deserves to feel safe in their home. "And [if they] go to work and come back and their property is still the way they left [it], then they feel safe and feel they are in a good environment."

The Crime Prevention Unit also wants to help set up neighborhood and business watch groups for citizens.

To set up an appointment for a free Crime Prevention Unit survey, call Albany Police at 229-432-8195.

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