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Who should be armed in the workplace?

Col. Chris Owens Col. Chris Owens
Billy Davis operates Ace's Liquor in Albany Billy Davis operates Ace's Liquor in Albany

More workers are packing heat on the job, but carrying a gun is a big responsibility. Owners of Ace's Liquor believe having guns in their Albany store has helped keep them safe, and they will continue to pack heat at work.       

Billy Davis has operated Ace's Liquor in Albany for more than forty years without any problems, but it's no secret, they keep plenty of guns around their store.    

"I don't know if it's because of the guns we carry here, but everyone knows we keep plenty of guns up here," he said.   Davis says the family grew up with guns, and they enjoy hunting, and having firearms inside their store does give them peace of mind.    

"Just in case, if I didn't have my guns here, what are you going to do? You can't do anything. Throw a liquor bottle at them."   And it's not uncommon for business owners to have guns nowadays; he says he knows several store owners who carry guns.  

But Lee County Law enforcers say it's important for any gun owner to make sure they follow the law.     "They have to go by the same rules and regulations that law enforcement does. It clearly states in there that it has to be reasonable and necessary for someone to use deadly force,"    said Col. Chris Owens.

And buying a firearm comes is big responsibility.  "People have to understand that if you draw your gun out or you pull your gun out there's a chance that someone could lose their life."  

But law enforcers stress it is a store owner's right to own a firearm. "They certainly have a right to protect themselves and their business and their personal there so as long as they are not prohibited by law to have a weapon or a firearm then that's their choice,"  Owens said.

Davis says he hopes he never has to use his guns, but will if necessary.  He says they've been fortunate to never have armed robbers come inside their store.


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