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Tax time pushes car sales

Lashonda Love of Sunbelt Ford Lashonda Love of Sunbelt Ford

Looking to buy a car? Right now might be a good time to do it.

Tax return season is one of the most popular times for people to buy cars. Officials at Sunbelt Ford are prepared for the increase.        

Sunbelt Ford in Albany usually sells about 120 vehicles per month. This time of year, that number jumps by 10%.

"We've seen a lot of traffic actually, a lot of people have the down payment they need to reaffirm their credit," said Lashonda Love of Sunbelt Ford.

Allowing people to put themselves behind the wheel. "Before they might have not had that down payment but now they have it, now they can get a car," she said.  

Love says you need a 10th of the total price to get the ideal payments on your new vehicle. "You get your best terms at 10%, and if you got a job and make around $2,000 a month, you can pretty much buy a car."  

She says the benefit of turning those tax refund checks can be long term.  "People that don't have the best credit or have tarnished credit, this is the perfect opportunity to re-establish your credit."  

Love says the most popular cars on the market are fuel efficient hybrids   Last fall, the average new car price in the United State hit an all-time high at just over $31,000.


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