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Hampton County officials confident they've met $74,000 damage threshold


Emergency Management Officials in Hampton County are confident they have met their damage threshold following a three day winter storm.

That means they might be able to get help from FEMA to recoup some of the loss if the state meets it's threshold.

Last week, the county met with state and FEMA leaders for a preliminary damage assessment, but the storm cleanup is far from over.

"We've had more debris here than when Hugo hit in 1989. This is the biggest event Hampton County has had since 1989," said Hampton County Emergency Management Director Susanne Peeples.

Citizens in Hampton County are still feeling the impact of that three day winter storm. For some, these broken tree limbs equal lots of dollar signs.

"I lost several hundred dollars damage to the tops, when the ice gets on them, it just bends them over and the wind got up and it broke them off and they're laying all over the road, probably did about $25,000-$30,000 worth of damage," said Varnville farmer Richard Wilcox.

Hampton County emergency officials have been working with local and state agencies to push the debris toward the edge of the roads.

Until the county receives a declaration to activate their debris removal contract, they cannot pick it up.

Right now they've been measuring and recording the amount of debris collected at the local landfill.

"So right now we're up to about 10,000 cubic yards for the county. I think the state has approximately 10,000 cubic yards that they had estimated as of last Wednesday," said Peeples.

The county only had about 25 homes which sustained minor damage from the storm.

Because of that, Peeples said the only declaration they can make is for tree debris but they must meet a threshold of close to $74,000.

"I feel confident that Hampton County will meet their damage threshold," she said.

Peeples says it could take months before they have a federal declaration.

After the county meets its threshold, it is then up to the state to meet it's $6.4 million threshold before FEMA will consider giving any help.

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