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Tift farmer happy to be alive


Ray Beasley is working to repair the farm that's been in his family for three generations.

Beasley's farm looks like a scene out of the movie twister. Several barns missing their roofs and this shed hanging over the barn it used to cover.

It was a frightening Friday morning for Reco Johnson who works on Beasley's farm. He says it's something he hopes he won't ever experience again.

 "I was standing right here, and I just come out the back door here and I was trying to open the door to get back into the shop, and all of a sudden this big roll up door it just blew out and that's what really scared me, " said Johnson.

Johnson took cover underneath a truck. The EF-0 tornado tossed equipment around inside the barn and left this shed with a huge hole in the roof.

"I just couldn't believe it, everything was just gone, wrecked everywhere," said Ray Beasley. The legs on Beasley's barns no longer stand up straight, and white debris covers his farm.

Beasley estimates the damage could cost him more than $50,000.

When the storm was over, friends and neighbors came to help Beasley clean up the damage. "Just very blessed to have friends and family and the community to come out and help us," he said.

As for Johnson, he hopes he won't see another tornado. " This is the first time I've ever been in one," and he doesn't want to experience it again.

He's thankful, despite the damage, not one got hurt.

While buildings suffered, none of Beasley's farm equipment was damaged. He's been in contact with his insurance company to fix the damage.


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