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Even charities need burglar alarms

LaDonna and Todd Urick check supplies at their headquarters LaDonna and Todd Urick check supplies at their headquarters
Central Monitoring is installing the security system Central Monitoring is installing the security system

It's a sad sign of the times. Criminals are even stealing from charities. Mission Change is having a security system installed in their headquarters because of recent criminal activity by burglars. This is the first time that their leaders have felt the need to have cameras and intruder detection equipment installed.

In this case, founder LaDonna Urick says the need to protect their after school equipment and supplies led them to have the surveillance equipment installed. Central Monitoring says they know the number of burglaries and break ins have people concerned in Albany, because the calls for their services are at an all time high.

Central Monitoring Security Consultant Mike Lawson said "Of late it has been really, really busy."

Central Monitoring heard Mission Change's call for assistance, and this morning installed the security system the nonprofit officials said they needed in the home where they sponsor after school and summer programs for kids.

Mission Change Executive Director LaDonna Urick said, "Being able to have that burglary system. It helps us to insure that the things that people do give us. The things that people donate. The things that the kids will be able to enjoy are going to be taken care of."

The Mission Change center has been targeted before. Burglars did not get inside, but Mission Change leaders say the center needed some protection.

Board Member Todd Urick said, "The volunteers, I think it will help give them a little bit more peace of mind. Just to know there is a security system here."

Central Monitoring says that is what they are hearing daily, often from victims of burglaries and break ins. And they say the business has never been busier.

"It used to be we would like to have one. But in the environment we are in today, they have to have them to protect their belongings," Lawson said.

Mission Change officials say they will be able to rest easier now, knowing they have a security system on duty to protect their center.


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