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Storm front knocks tree onto home


A storm front that ripped through Thomasville this morning caused quite commotion, downing trees and knocking out power.

On Fridays Mamie Davis normally heads to a fitness class at the YMCA, but this huge tree crashing down onto her home cleared her schedule for the day.

"I heard something and the house just shook, I got up because I heard water coming down, thought I had a little leak, but I had a huge leak," Davis.

She quickly grabbed buckets to try to hold all of the water that was flowing so quickly into her home, but she then realized she would probably need drums to hold all of the water that was flowing in so abundantly. However, it wasn't the damage to the home that concerned her most.

it was the sentimental value of the pictures hanging in the room where the water was gushing through a now gaping hole. The sunlight from the hole providing the only light available to the home at the time.

"I just put something on my head and I went and got my pictures off the walls from everywhere because I wanted to save them, those are mementos for me," said Davis.

Davis' home wasn't the only one impacted by the strong winds that swept through Thomas County.

" Robin Hood, Tuxedo, Gordon Ave area, got a bunch of trees down, torn down a bunch of power, also internet and television services," CNS worker David Hower. Services that officials are working tirelessly to restore, no injuries were reported in the county and Davis says she'll continue to rest on her faith that she believes carried her through.

"Keep your hands upon me, that no hurt, harm or evil, pain will come to me, and that's what happened, no hurt, harm, pain or evil came to me," said Davis.

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